Apart from the weather…

I'm in the middle of a move again and haven't much time to write.... well, I could, but the weather this time is rather lovely so we're plunging in the lake to cool off from box emptying and furniture moving.

Will you be going home?

So asked someone of me recently, and I was honestly confused, for a moment or two. I live here. I am here. My little immediate family unit is here. For me, that’s home.  Isn't it? For lots of people, when they’re somewhere that isn’t where they were born, they simply aren’t home. Leaving home For … Continue reading Will you be going home?

Move to France? May as well…

On the first day of December 2016 I got an email telling me we had to move out of our rented house by 31st January.  I burst into tears. Not because I love the house. It's a nice size, in a great place and we have fantastic neighbours, but I cried because of the stress … Continue reading Move to France? May as well…

So I said….

To Sainsbury's, with whom I was feeling distinctly unimpressed after a little back 'n' forth with their customer services (see https://jumpingoffbooks.wordpress.com/2014/09/25/dear-sainsburys-2): "Dear Ms McGuiness, Thank you for your response. Your email has done nothing whatsoever to reassure me of Sainsbury’s commitment to the environment. When I start walking into your stores to find fewer and … Continue reading So I said….

Review of the Altura Morph Cycling Backpack/Pannier

I've been looking for a better solution for my cycling carrying needs for quite a while. After one week of using it, the Altura Morph is holding its own pretty well.   I cycle to work with a laptop, lunch, bits of makeup, often a snack for my 6-year-old who's first words when I pick … Continue reading Review of the Altura Morph Cycling Backpack/Pannier

haiku – a cup of tea

I'm proud to be a member of the British Haiku Society, to whom I now regularly send a small selection of the better haiku I've penned, a few times a year.  They publish a wonderful quarterly journal, Blithe Spirit.  Whether I have poems in or not, it's my favourite thing to have on my bedside table … Continue reading haiku – a cup of tea

Allowing Joy

To the person who removed my child's drawing from our front gate the other evening: I'm sorry that you feel the need to destroy joy. That makes me sad. For you. What went through your mind when you saw the innocent picture taped to the gate? What deep hurt rose in your heart and choked … Continue reading Allowing Joy