Running short (of French)

I may have mentioned I run. In my long-story-short style, because I don’t want to bore you and do want to get to the point - which is about speaking French (or not), here’s brief history of my running (or also not!): Birth to teens: not ‘sporty’. Ran a longer run once st school & … Continue reading Running short (of French)


We’re Open

I'm so excited! Tomorrow a SHOP opens in our village. Yay! And it's my favourite boulangerie with the best croissants (no sticky sugar glaze on top). To be fair we've only been without an open shop since the start of May, so it's not even a full two months, but still... When you realise there's … Continue reading We’re Open

On catching dreams

Last year while I was out on a run in the mountains my mind wandered, as it does, and this time it visited my childhood dreams. It struck me that if you'd told me back then that I'd live in a ski resort high in the French Alps I would have just been confused. I … Continue reading On catching dreams

The French Dog Poo Issue – I made a film

It's a scourge. I made a little film. It really doesn't scratch the surface. French dog poo (crotte) problem 1 Dogs with owners too lazy to bother, taking themselves for walks and pooing anywhere. Some of them VERY BIG dogs. Think St Bernards. They do VERY BIG poos. And have very big, scarey barks … Continue reading The French Dog Poo Issue – I made a film

Return to winter ?

We think we're done with living in 29m2.  It's been a great year, and we are so fortunate to have had this little place to come to when we were in a bind. But it was never our intention to stay for a year, let alone more than that. I've passed it in the rain … Continue reading Return to winter ?

Tough – Like a girl

"Aren't we supposed to guide our children through the difficult parts of life, equipping them with skills like finding coping strategies, perseverance, boldness, diplomacy?'

Haiku hiatus

First off - I know you're meant to blog regularly if you want to get any sort of traction. I was doing quite well, then hit a bit of a black spot. Now I have this rush of things I realise I should have been posting. Blogger fail!  So I'm breaking all the rules and … Continue reading Haiku hiatus