Running short (of French)

I may have mentioned I run. In my long-story-short style, because I don’t want to bore you and do want to get to the point - which is about speaking French (or not), here’s brief history of my running (or also not!): Birth to teens: not ‘sporty’. Ran a longer run once st school & … Continue reading Running short (of French)


On catching dreams

Last year while I was out on a run in the mountains my mind wandered, as it does, and this time it visited my childhood dreams. It struck me that if you'd told me back then that I'd live in a ski resort high in the French Alps I would have just been confused. I … Continue reading On catching dreams

Beautiful, fun snow!

Another post just celebrating the beautiful French Alps in winter. And a few snaps of some fun stuff we did. This season was our first full winer living in France and in the mountains. It was also my initiation into off piste skiing. Some scary moments and I certainly knew my heart was working! The … Continue reading Beautiful, fun snow!

S’no Fear

Since it snowed a lot, we’ve done some skiing. I don’t think I mentioned that it snowed a lot. Well it really and truly did. And it scared me. When you grow up in southern England, the idea of snow being scarey seems ridiculous. Snow is exciting. It’s unusual, and when it happens it’s a … Continue reading S’no Fear


The next thing I knew, there was a voice somewhere in the background saying something about having been unconscious for more than five minutes.... Girls on bikes With The Fear firmly conquered, I was determined to go on the girls' mountain biking day organised by a local bike shop. Having two under 10's makes it … Continue reading Crash

If you’re never frightened…

You're not living! And if you let it get the better of you, well, then it's 1-Fear, 0-You.  And by my age I'd be well into the negatives if I let fear get the better of me. Fear can be a good thing - when it means we're challenging ourselves, we're out of our comfort … Continue reading If you’re never frightened…

The Wild

Suddenly it was May and very nearly the end of the ski season and it felt like we'd barely arrived. I hadn't ski'd enough. Or eaten enough patisserie - the shop was going to shut soon... Plus we were heading towards the start of our third month and the girls weren't speaking French, much to … Continue reading The Wild