Writing CV and Portfolio

Jump straight to examples of my writing, or read on for writing CV followed by portfolio examples.

Writing CV

2015 – date: Business Writing (including blog articles)

Since 2015 I’ve been a freelance business consultant to smaller growing businesses. This includes improving business communications to customers, newsletter and regular blog writing as well as writing copy for my current client’s new website (still in development). See below for some blog post examples.

2006 – 2015: Business Writing

In 2006 my husband and I started a entrepreneurial business, enlight photo ltd. During the time we ran the business I honed my writing skills for business, writing marketing copy, customer emails, social media posts, blog articles, business reports and more. We closed the company in 2015.

enlight photo’s Facebook page (dormant) is here

The company’s website is no longer live.

2003 – date: Creative Writing (personal projects)

My first book

I started writing a regular newsletter to friends and family when we moved to New Zealand in 2002. Not just an email, I enjoyed writing and editing these to be pieces of writing I could feel proud of. Soon I realised I had the beginnings of a book about moving to New Zealand and worked to rewrite, expand and make my chapters into a book in 2006.

Having abandoned my book for too long, 2017 saw me return to it and do final edits and proofing. Jumping Off The Edge Of The World was launched as an e-book and paperback on Amazon in early 2018.


I started writing my own blog in 2011. Over past year or so I’ve started to take my blog writing more seriously, using it as a platform to hone my writing and my style, as well as share insights into life living ‘overseas’ – currently in the French Alps. I try to post weekly.

Haiku poetry

In 2007 with the birth of my first child I returned to a past love – poetry. I focussed on haiku poetry and have been proud to have some of my work published in various haiku journals over the years. I have two collections of my poetry I plan to have published in 2018.

Writing for Children

In 2015 I started work on a children’s adventure book aimed at 8-10 year olds. I fit this around my business consultancy. It’s a work in progress that I hope to complete in 2018, though a sequel to Jumping Off The Edge Of The World may come first!

2003 – 2012: Journalism and Features

In New Zealand I worked for a spell on a local paper, covering local events and personalities. I also wrote feature articles, in partnership with my photographer husband, for New Zealand glossy magazines including the travel magazine Destinations, outdoor magazine Wilderness, New Zealand Geographic and a good number of articles in Spoke mountain biking magazine (NZ) plus we had a feature in UK Mountain Biker. I also had some freelance articles in national newspapers.


Writing Portfolio


Section 1


Download a sample of my book Jumping Off The Edge Of The World – a personal story about emigrating to New Zealand.

Jumping_Off_The_Edge_Of_The_World_3D_v1_SMALL CROP.jpg


I’ve written all the blog articles for my current business client since 2015, as well as improving and updating historical articles. These include articles to help customers and potential customers, and some more frivolous posts that are still in keeping with the client’s core business theme (in this, case loft conversions).

Blog articles

Here on this blog I write about subjects related to our current life in the French Alps. Dive down to earlier posts and you’ll find posts on returning to the UK, and before that, life in New Zealand.

Posts are about living in France specifically (language and getting to grips with it etc), dealing with change, minimal living (we’ve lived in our studio apartment for the past year) and more.


Some of my haiku poetry appears on this site. Due to having most of my belonging pre-dating March 2017 in storage (not planned…), I can’t access the various haiku journals where my poems have appeared prior to that date. This year has been ‘slow’ for me as far as haiku writing and submitting goes…

Ekphrasis_girlbefore WEB  BlitheSpirit_bedtimetidying WEB

Older work

You can view samples of published writing 2004-2011 here


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