Haiku with parsnips

With thanks to the brilliant Michael Dylan Welch  and the introduction to  "Fifty-Seven Damn Good Haiku by a Bunch of Our Friends" for the inspiration. I first posted this senryu (like a haiku but a little more prosaic) on the previous iteration of Jumping Off Books over on Blogspot. *  *  * parents for lunch - Dad avoiding the … Continue reading Haiku with parsnips


Any Old Romans?

"Mummy, have we got any old romans? Because I need to take one to school..." I'm LOVING my children speaking French. Just LOVE it. 

How much is it worth to wait?

I am SO impatient with impatience. I mean, just because we CAN have it now, should we? Just because the marketers say "Hey - buy from us and you can have it YESTERDAY" - is that the best choice for me?

The Same Language?

Just because you understand the words coming out of one another's mouths (strangely pronounced vowels notwithstanding), doesn't mean you'll completely understand each other! When we moved to New Zealand I didn't expect quite the culture shock, and cultural differences, that we experienced.

A vomit of French (I’m sorry to say…)

Sometimes I utter a phrase in French, which, as it leaves my mouth, I know to be utter garbage. Some recognisable words in there but strung together in an ugly melange of tenses that must sound horrible, with perhaps a hopeful colloquialism thrown in for good measure...


In brief, the beloved lost toy is found. She’s been missing a whole month, and it was quite by chance that she was discovered. Her disappearance was quite the mystery - we’d been to the Chalet Carton, found a little wicker bed that was clearly made for her, came home and she was nowhere to … Continue reading Found

Stone the crows!

In a previous post I mentioned a wee 'trick' I've noticed to help with understanding words beginning é ('e' acute) : Replace the 'é' with an 's' and you fairly often see a word in English - or one like it, that has the same meaning. e.g. 'épice' becomes 'spice' - and guess what? That's … Continue reading Stone the crows!