Bloody minded

I run on my own nearly all the time. I like it. And the glow of head torches I could see meant I at least knew I wasn't right at the back (I'd checked!). I guess I must have relaxed too much because next thing I knew...

My Monday Evening Hole Punch Adventure

To 13's backpack, and quick about it. Out comes the Science file. With trembling fingers I pull open four rings. Will my punched paper fit?


I don’t want to lie on a job interview. I don’t want to stretch the truth in a story I’m telling. I don’t want to pretend I’m anything other than 49 years old. Well, okay...

In support of pyjamas

I love a comfy pair of pj’s, but stylish too, if they can be found and bought in the precious few minutes of the year I give to shopping for myself. Otherwise it’s the best I see when passing ‘nightwear’ in the hypermarché...

Idea #2 for a COVID Family Christmas

A family Zoom Christmas concert! Here are a few ideas, some don't need much preparation at all. It's all about sharing...

Idea #1 for a COVID Family Christmas

Perhaps numbering this post was a bad idea. Now I'm under pressure to come up with more Covid Family Christmas ideas! Much as I hope my family read my blog, I don't think they do unless I specifically send them a link to a post, and today that's a good thing because there's a Christmas … Continue reading Idea #1 for a COVID Family Christmas

Anomic aphasia

Individuals with aphasia who display anomia can often describe an object in detail and maybe even use hand gestures to demonstrate how the object is used, but cannot find the appropriate word to name the object.

The skeptics

I was perhaps less surprised than Anthropologist Heidi Larson when she found during her research on rumours that France was the most skeptical nation in the world.

It’s good, c’est bon (or c’est bien?!)

As well as the wine, which obviously doesn't need discussing, there are other generally good things about France. Of course there are! Some of them are initially hidden in things that, at first, seem annoying to an immigrant like me, others are immediate...   Cheese is pretty obvious. Empty Ah - but did you know … Continue reading It’s good, c’est bon (or c’est bien?!)