Hidden Perfectionist

When I read about children who are perfectionists, it clicked. No - she doesn't immediately look like a perfectionist. But the fear of not being perfect is just that. And it's holding her back in so many ways.

How to use a crêpe paddle

In 2018 The Mr expressed some interest in making waffles. I thought a waffle iron would be a great 2018 Christmas present for him from his daughters. Long story short: Didn't want to buy a big machine. I like 'Amish;' (i.e. non-electrical) kitchen gadgets. Looked into a proper waffle iron on Amazon etc. Reviews mixed. … Continue reading How to use a crêpe paddle

What isn’t there

This week I was reminded to pay attention to what isn't there. I thought I'd pass it on in case you find it helpful somehow. I was looking at Pay-to-Play voiceover work sites and was initially disheartened by what I saw and heard. So many experienced, amazing-sounding female voice-overs. How would I ever find my … Continue reading What isn’t there

Fragile arrogance

For the past year I've been training to become a Voice Over artist / actor. It's taken too long... I won't list my reasons. Safe to say life is very full and I don't prioritise my own desires and ambitions enough, among other excuses! A couple of days ago I tuned into an online live … Continue reading Fragile arrogance

Crafty at Christmas

This year I got a dose of 'designer' ornament envy when I was browsing a lovely interiors shop that is my youngest's favourite store. So I did something DIY about it.