Will you be going home?

So asked someone of me recently, and I was honestly confused, for a moment or two. I live here. I am here. My little immediate family unit is here. For me, that’s home.  Isn't it? For lots of people, when they’re somewhere that isn’t where they were born, they simply aren’t home. Leaving home For … Continue reading Will you be going home?


Freedom is…

An near-empty piste on changeover day. A short tour over the back of the mountain out of sight of town, with fresh powder days after it’s snowed. Living in small flat and having less ‘stuff’. Choosing your lifestyle. Reaching all the kitchen cabinets without moving from the spot next to your compact dishwasher. Having a … Continue reading Freedom is…

The Look: how the French make you squirm

So I started researching this article by Googling things like ‘Filthy look, French’. That delivered  lots of translations and suggestions for how to say ‘filthy look’ in French. I tried, ‘French, France, dirty look’ and got articles expressing an opinion that the French are none too clean (hmmm, our own showering rate has definitely declined … Continue reading The Look: how the French make you squirm