A Really Good Wheelbarrow

“It corners like a greased snake.” “Takes hills and bumps like they’re invisible.” “Grips like your best friend’s hug.” Guess what I’m talking about? My wheelbarrow. Seriously! I never bothered about wheelbarrows much. I mean, who really bothers about wheelbarrows? I always had one. Often a hand-me-down, the one left by the previous tenants or … Continue reading A Really Good Wheelbarrow

After pudding haiku

I haven't posted in an age. I haven't written much haiku for a year. I'm writing a book. My first fiction. It's a wonderful hell I can't wait to shove aside all the reasons to avoid confronting. Haiku needs space and I'm bad at making any - except when I'm running. And then I'm busy. … Continue reading After pudding haiku