My first book – Out Now!

It’s not that her London life is destroying her, but it’s not inspiring her, either. And the fact is, Naomi’s in love - with New Zealand.

The challenges of change

Ripping yourself out of your relatively easy life isn't all that easy, however much you want to do it. First leaving My first adult memory of properly leaving was, I suppose, going off to university. If you can call that adult, which it barely is. I was glad to go - I needed the break … Continue reading The challenges of change

Fitting in: 29m2, 4 humans, 1 cat, 1 hamster

  Our day begins On a weekday at 7:05am (cos we don’t like 7am - too early!) alarm goes off. One of us (usually me at the mo) gets out of bed to turn it off & throw open the curtains to see what we’ve got today. TODAY = THE SUN COMING UP ON THE … Continue reading Fitting in: 29m2, 4 humans, 1 cat, 1 hamster